Jaguar Bodypaint und Tanzperformance Dancer Yuliya

Photorequest: Pressebüro Kurt Röhrken,
Video programming Christine Dumbsky
Video, Music: Christine Dumbsky
Model/Dancer Yuliya


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The marketing team Jaguar opted for the artist Christine Dumbsky, because of her reputation to be one of the best - Top 10 international bodypainting artists and to ensure that the event will become a success. Her skillful bodypainting turned the dancer Yuliya into a jaguar to enchant the visitors of the presentation of the new models of Jaguar with a performance.

A multimedia, sensitive interaction of the working methods, which inspire all mutually.

Text: Pressebüro Kurt Röhrken

+49(0) 700 8009 8009

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The painter Christine Dumbsky formerly worked in the music business as A&R for music publishing company adm. by Warner/Chappell, because of this fact she got a strong connection to music, where this often is the inicial burn for painting or performance ideas, that also contributes to her Body-painting-Videos.


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