Touch me - making of the painting

Inspired by the Rocky Horror Show and that special song

Photos: Christine Dumbsky/Kurt Röhrken
Video programming Christine Dumbsky

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Christine Dumbsky

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Christine Dumbsky
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The Video is about painting and it's intention, it's about art paintings in combination with video, music get alive and interact. The aim was to tell a story without words - just by arranging the images.

It's also about the sentance "Touch me - I wanna be dirty " is to be visualized. The idea for the paintings and later to the video was inpired by a song and it's hookline. In addition to this painting was created after the visit of the Rock Horror Picture Show, parts of this painting are included into the video as well. Where the song "touch me... I want to be dirty" and the unconventional behavoir of the actors and the incredably great virtuosity of their performance were the source of inspiration, too.

So thanks to all those incredible actors like: Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter, Richard O, Brien as Riff Raff, Nell Campbell as Little Nell as Columbia, Patricia Quinn as Magenta und Jonathan Adams as Dr. Everett Scott, Meat Loaf as Eddie, Barry Bostwick as Brad Majors and wonderful Susan Sarandon as Janet Weiss mit Susan Sarandon.

Her paintings in this video are done with a special acrylic technique by brush and airbrush on canvas. Christine Dumbsky is a traditional painting and because of her search for the answer to the question how the model can transform to and into art totally lead her to the bodyarts, where she became one of the top 10 bodypainting artists in the world. She's an artist that combines genres and sets video, music, bodypaint and traditional painting into interaction - a different exciting kind of art.


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